Wednesday, March 7, 2007


I love me some good word coinage. So I'll highlight this comment by mentaldebris in the My Left Wing essay I linked earlier...

Mission Statement - The minute the mission statement went up, so did those who seem to have assigned themselves DKops to stomp around waving it in the faces of anyone who dared to challenge *their interpretation* of statement. Like the Bible, some aspects of the statement were open to interpretation and those intent on molding DK to their agenda seem inclined to take a rather literal reading.
DK is still great, still what you make of it, and while I will always remember DK with great fondness and go there for my political ice cream, I've come to realize it no longer serves up exactly what I want these days. I need the fucking whipped creme and unique rainbow sprinkles with rants of cherry topping smothering my political ice cream these days. And I'd like it without someone shaking a finger in my face telling me how bad it is for me (or Democrats). Thank you.

Read the whole comment here.

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