Friday, February 16, 2007

Ask Jim Webb to broaden his netroots outreach

Bit of trouble with the car this morning. While my husband is checking it out, I decided to do a quick post to pass this along.

Senator Jim Webb currently has a diary up at Kos. I recall a lot of discussion about his "kitchen table" appeal. I think it would be a good idea to contact him and ask, politely, that he consider crossposting his diaries at another group blog. Maybe Booman. I would say My Left Wing, but it might be easier to pursuade someone to post at the "frogpond" because it might be seen as less controversial. Baby steps, you know? With all the bannings and censorship going on at Big Orange, that's becoming a less effective way of really connecting with the netroots.


skippy said...

have you any specific ideas (ie, links, email addresses, etc) to help your readership contact sen. webb and ask him?

Renee in Ohio said...

I don't know, but my guess is it would be easier for people in the home state of any given senator or rep would have a better shot. At least in the past, when I've tried to contact such individuals, no e-mail address is given, and if you try to submit something through their web site, it is rejected if you aren't from their state.

Meant to add something about that this morning, but then Demetrius had the car ready for me, and I had to take off, because I was blocking him in, and he needed to take Daughter in Ohio to school.

Anyway, that's the piece I'm missing, how to actually reach the various politicians who post there. Was hoping people might have suggestions.