Wednesday, February 21, 2007

"How much is your blog worth?"

I first saw this graphic on My Left Wing--I'm sure many of you have seen it. It declares, "My blog is worth (dollar amount). How much is your blog worth?" Don't know how long ago it was that I first did this, but I clicked the link and entered the url for my Howard-Empowered People blog. The result was a badge declaring that my blog was worth $0, and below that the code was provided, so that I could proudly proclaim to the blogging world that my blog was worth $0. Now, why would I want to do that? (I did later discover the blog of an Episcopalian nun, who had done just that, and added the words "Says it all, doesn't it?" But she's apparently removed the badge since then--I haven't looked at that blog since the season of Advent.)

Well, I was curious about how a blog that had been around for some time could be deemed worth $0. It got a decent number of hits per day--more than any other blog I'd ever run--and a number of other blogs had linked to it. Of course, if I'd been *really* curious, I could have just clicked the link on that page to learn more. But it didn't matter that much, and I was working on other things.

Some time later, I was looking at one of those "How much is your blog worth?" banners again and noticed the "Powered by Technorati" button. Oh. I see.

I signed up for a Technorati account, and, while Howard-Empowered People is not valued anywhere in the same ballpark as the big blogs, the dollar amount is definitely no longer zero.

In the past couple weeks, there has been some discussion about the value of links, the cost of being dropped from the blogroll of one of the big blogs, and how mutual linking can be beneficial for bloggers. I've added one of those badges to this blog, mainly as a way of tracking the effect that links have on the dollar amount.


PoliShifter said...

In the coming months you will see the value of the A List bloggers skyrocket. They will become A+++ bloggers.

With tens of thousands of incoming one-way links and just a few, "only what I read" outgoing links.

Translation: higher authoriry, higher search pull, overall improved ranking, and thus better add bling.

Renee in Ohio said...

Precisely why I want to do this mutual linking society project. :)

Claire Joy said...

When I shifted from the old blogger to blogspot I lost all the sidebar badges including the "How much is your blog worth?" I also lost the link so I never went back to get a new one. It was kind of sad, because I really liked that my blog was worth nothing. Oh well.

Akash said...

Yes this blog worth system is actually based on technorati rank.

if your blog is not registered with technorati its not worth anything according to this system.

Anpother good way to increase this rank is, If you have multiple blogs, claim them all in technorati, and link them all together on their main title page. It will increase its authority.

check out what my blogs are worth:

anu said...

Thanx , this was quite informative.


ami said...

Would be nice if they had a tool that looked at the true value of your blog. Took into consideration things like age and number of posts and PR and hits. Now that would be something

This tool that is linked to technorati, i think if you were to actually try to sell your blog, you might be disappointed

I wonder how much me niche traffic blog is worths

mohamed elgharib said...

Well there are many things.

1) Your Alexa ranking can tell you, but if you use something like it CAN'T tell you, it'll only tell you's worth.

2) Page ranking, and yes, page hits and how long people stay on there etc.

But it's hard to single out hits like that, so free services such as blogspace it won't really be accurate..

plz show me what my blogs are worth :