Monday, February 12, 2007

Blogdom as high school

Good post by liberalamerican at My Left Wing. In part...

In his "shunning" post kos was being his usual disingenuous self when he said, "Despite popular misconceptions, a blogroll link isn't a major source of traffic, not even one on Daily Kos. It won't make or break a site." It may or may not be a source of traffic (more on that in a minute), BUT blogrolls can increase a Technorati rank, if you play them right. Remember, it's not how many links you have, but how many link to you.

Every blogger knows the drill: you send this letter, trying not to, as Atrios condescendingly puts it, sound like a "blog whore," saying you have posted a link to their site and will they do the same for you. Most of the time the Big Dogs will blow you off and you get nothing in return, but some people keep listing them anyway. According to Technorati, Daily Kos has 81,277 links from 1,086 blogs, ranking it 14th. Eschaton has 14,166 links from 2,616 blogs ranking it 182d.

Neither site has a blogroll even close to being in the thousands, but thousands of bloggers link TO them. I have seen many of these links from little blogs that for some reason feel compelled to put kos on their blog roll. It does them absolutely no good, but it's great for kos.

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