Thursday, February 15, 2007


Just got home a little while ago, after working some extended hours today. Tired, and my fingers are still thawing. But I figured I'd better at least link to this, as part of the whole documenting censorship thing. This essay, Remember Where You Heard It First by One Pissed Off Liberal, appears on the front page of My Left Wing. Scroll down to the comments to see that it was apparently deemed inappropriate by the powers that be at Big Orange.

There's a list of prominent people--officeholders, candidates and others, who have posted diariea at Kos here. At some point, we need to start looking at that list to see who among those people we would like to start contacting, and, in a calm, intelligent manner, expressing our desire that they engage in some "netroots outreach" that is not filtered through Mr. Locking the Gates. (Of course, we wouldn't call him that in the letters. Like I said, I'm tired, and I'm pretty far from amused by all of this.)

Update: later comments in the post I mentioned above say that the diary deletion was some sort of "software bug".


field negro said...

Thanks for the love, and what you are doing. Whether it's powerful blogs or powerful governments, I always get off when people speak truth to power.


Renee in Ohio said...

Thanks. I was commiserating with Daughter in Ohio about something, and told her she'd gotten a double-dose of the "You're Not the Boss of Me" gene.

I was reading your site a little earlier, and then did a search for "field negro" and found the audio of Malcolm X talking about the Field Negro as compared to the House Negro. And then I remembered Harry Belafonte calling Colin Powell a house slave, and people getting up in arms about how "racist" that was.

Think I've seen enough phony outrage during the past few years to last a lifetime.