Friday, February 16, 2007

An example of the "new direction" for the Kos blogroll

I thought this might be of interest to the wider community, because it is an example of where Kos and "BlogPac" are investing their efforts. To refresh people's memories, liberalamerican wrote the following in a diary at My Left Wing:

The final piece of this may be the most interesting. Given that kos is a business, this latest move is what public relations people call repositioning. Daily Kos is repositioning itself as the central place for local blogs supporting political candidates. It is a brilliant business move with an election coming up. If the local bloggers buy into this, kos becomes in one stroke a major voice in the Democratic Party.

The $64 question is how much ideological control will kos exercise? His post gives a clue. He said, "Those are sites focused on the races that will determine whether we lose control of Congress, or whether we expand our numbers to Lieberman-proof majorities." In shorthand, kos had gone from Dean to Emanuel. Gone is the 50 state strategy. Gone are the progressive ideas. Instead he will publicize sites for candidates that can win.

Today, we find this post at Buckeye State Blog:

BlogPac and the Kos Crew Want To $ponsor the Ohio 'Sphere

Specifically, they've offered to pay the hosting costs (around $180 apiece) for the Buckeye State Blog and As Ohio Goes, and feature these two sites in their national project. I did not request a grant - BSB was offered one because of the significance we play in Ohio politics. Before we celebrate, it's important to note that this is a tricky situation.

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