Saturday, February 10, 2007

What is "Blogroll Amnesty Day"?

As explained by Jon Swift:

This past weekend Atrios, the proprietor of Eschaton, declared a Blogroll Amnesty Day, saying, "one of the big complaints by new bloggers is that it's impossible to get onto blogrolls because established bloggers tend not to add them." I thought that adding new lesser-known blogs to his blogroll would be a wonderful idea. Although for some inexplicable reason that I am at pains to discover, Atrios has never seen fit to link to me, I, nevertheless added Eschaton to my own blogroll and introduced myself to Atrios with a sincerely sycophantic email, since he is after all a blogging pioneer who deserves our respect.

But the more I learned about this Amnesty Day, the more I realized that it was a very strange amnesty indeed. The amnesty he granted turned out to be amnesty for himself. He wanted to assuage himself of the guilt he might feel at kicking blogs off his blogroll instead of granting amnesty to others to swarm across the border into his domain. "Everyone feels a wee bit guilty about removing blogs from their blogroll, so they're hesitant to add new ones to an ever-expanding list," he explained. So Atrios deleted his entire blogroll and disappointingly repopulated it for the most part with the usual suspects. Then others in the liberal blogosphere followed his example, including Jesus' General and PZ Myers at Pharyngula, who already takes a very Darwinian survival-of-the-fittest approach to blogrolling. Then Markos at Daily Kos joined this ruthless bloodletting. "It sucks and it feels bad," he said, daubing the tears from his eyes as he typed. So the end result of Atrios' Amnesty Day was to make some blogrolls smaller and even more exclusive than they already were.


field negro said...

So f**K the established bloggers! Let's take them off all of our blogrolls, and stop supporting those mother f*****s by visiting their sites.

I think I will start by removing My DD from mine. I actually need a list of all those participating.

Renee in Ohio said...

I'm only aware of MyDD, Kos, and Atrios. None were on my blogroll, but I'm making sure not to link to them either.

Madeleine said...

I link to blogs with good content that fits with my blog's topic areas.

If people ask for a link I take a look, if I like what I see I link them - I don't care if they are big or small.

If a blog on my blogroll drops in quality (and this is not a one off) then I dump it.