Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Pharyngula's Blogroll Open Enrollment Day

via skippy, who points out that Pharyngula is getting it right about blogroll amnesty
Today is Blogroll Open Enrollment day! What that means is that this is your opportunity to get onto the Pharyngula blogroll, after you jump through some hoops.

There are a few absolute requirements.

* For technical reasons, your weblog must have some kind of syndication. I browse other blogs through a newsreader, and my blogroll is compiled from my newsreader's OPML file, so that's the only way I can put you there.
* You should check the current complete blogroll first—it's so embarrassing to ask to be put on a blogroll when you're already there.
* It should be an active weblog. I do purge sites that haven't been updated in 30 days.

Click here for more.

Happy to recognize when a blogger gets it rignt. Will go ahead and add a link to Pharyngula here and at the Independent Bloggers' Alliance blog.

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thereisnospoon said...

actually, I'm thrilled with the new solution. Traffic to my own blog has literally doubled since the advent of the personal blogrolls. I think it's actually a much more democratic solution.