Sunday, February 11, 2007

The Galloping Beaver Weighs In

In "On blogs and elitism", Dave writes, in part:

I was once a member of a unit that was constantly described, in the media, as "elite". The media could get away with it. We could not. We couldn't afford to. No matter what we did, or how we did it, our egos had to be kept in check and we were constantly reminded that we were a small part of a much larger organization. We needed every part of that larger organization. In fact, there was nothing all that "elite" about us. We simply had a different job than other units and the great leveler was that anyone from that larger organization could apply to join.

Sadly, Dave also makes the all-too-easy (and common) mistake of *linking* to the offending members of the blogtocracy in a post about Blogroll Amnesty Day. Y'all really shouldn't do that, as I explained here.

I humbly suggest linking either to Jon Swift's post here or skippy's posts here and here. If people follow any of those links, they can find links to the original posts by the Big Boys of Blogging. There's no need (again, in my humble opinion as someone who was never linked by any of these folks, so really, it's no skin off my nose), to continue to contribute to their Google ranking as we discuss this issue.

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